About Hollywood Beach

"Hollywood Beach" was born in 1956 as built by the Pullman Company for the Seaboard Air Line Railroad Company to capture the ambiance of a dome car in a single-level car. It was called a "Sun Lounge" and only three were ever built, the other two being named " Miami Beach " and " Palm Beach". Only "Hollywood Beach" survives.

All three were constructed for use on Seaboard Air Line's flag-ship train called "The Silver Meteor" operating between New York City and Miami. After the merger of Atlantic Coast Line and Seaboard Air Line to form Seaboard Coast Line RR in 1967 all three were given new names, "Sun View", "Sun Beam" and "Sun Ray". The first so-named was retired by Amtrak in 1977 and both of the other two were retired in 1981 and none were selected to receive the head-end-power program Amtrak initiated to eliminate steam heat. "Hollywood Beach" obtained head-end-power under private ownership and through the years has had a couple of different car owners. Keith R. White obtained the car in 2016 and spared little expense in its total refurbishment. The car now has electrical outlets throughout the car for convenience, is equipped with a 39 inch large screen TV, DVD System, and the Bose Stereo System is a feature all will love.This 5-bedroom lounge car contains a modern kitchen in the middle with the abilities to serve the most exquisite and delicious meals possible. "Hollywood Beach" can be configured into two separate bed-room suites with another bedroom in a 2-single bed configuration. There is a modern all stainless steel shower for all with a separate shower contained in bedroom D. A general water closet is at the far end of the sleeping section despite toilet facilities in bedrooms A, B, C, and E, complete with sink and mirrors. The primary feature of this car is its large side windows and glass top areas above the lounge. It is, in fact, the largest solarium featured car of any private car in America.
"Hollywood Beach" is based in St.Louis and can easily begin it journey there or in Chicago as well. It can travel to most all major cities that Amtrak serves such as the aforementioned, New Orleans, New York City, Washington, DC, Boston, San Antonio, Los Angles, Oakland, Portland, Seattle and other select cities. It is available for charters to groups, families, business concerns, and can be ridden by a solo passenger, couples, small groups, and even be married with other private cars to handle larger groups when required. It makes any number of trips during the course of a year where couples and even singles would highly enjoy the plethora of amenities featured, particularly the views!

Those with a penchant for the most exquisite tastes in travel pleasures would find "Hollywood Beach" a most unique and enjoyable way to travel that few ever experience. Please see the contact page on how to charter and/or ride this most wonderful carriage that can run on most every route that Amtrak serves across America. It is a trip of a life-time and more!
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